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MARTA RUSEK - Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psycho-oncologist

MARTA RUSEK        MARTA RUSEK - psycholog i psychoterapeuta

I am a trained family therapist (Studium Terapii Rodzin OPTA, Warsaw) with a background in clinical psychology (currently under Clinical Psychology Specialization at Bielanski Hospital). I graduated from Warsaw University (Faculty of Psychology) and worked as a researcher at Abo Akademi Uniwersity (Developmental Psychology) in Finland. My work experience includes also positions as a psychologist Child Memorial Hospital (Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka), as well as cooperation with different psycho-oncological nongovernmental organizations and many interships (among them Oncology Centre, Banacha Hospital).

Currently, as a psychologist in Pediatric, Hematology and Oncology Unit at Clinical Child Hospital in Warsaw, I am responsible for dealing with psychosomatic issues (with a focus on psycho-oncology) and personal problems (relationships, self esteem, and life crises).

My theoretical backgrounds include systemic therapy, existential therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Additionally I have been trained in the Simonton Method which is dedicated for cancer patients and their families.

I work with individual patients as well as with couples and families.

I offer the following:
  • crisis support (short form of psychological help for people who are dealing with difficult issues in their life, such as mourning and loss)
  • psycho-oncological support for both the diagnosed persons and their family
  • couples and family therapy

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